Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A clash with Khador

Gaming table set. Miniatures deployed. Dice ready. Big mug of coffee already in hand. Let's fight!

Kaya the Wildborne peered across the grassy field, enjoying the early morning breeze. The sun was coming up but the air seemed to be getting colder. The clouds in the horizon had been getting thicker and darker for a couple of hours. Strangely enough, it looked like it was about to snow.
She closed her eyes and felt comforted and strengthed by the presence of her beasts. Then she realised there was something else disturbing her senses. An unpleasant presence, steadily growing stronger. "It's her", she thought. She opened her eyes just in time to see her adversary come out of the forest, right across the field. It was Sorsha, accompanied by two large warjacks and a number of troopers - all of the wrapped in a cloud of snow.

Grey Lord Ternion
Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Winter Guard
- Winter Guard Officer & Standard Bearer
Kovnik Grigorovich
Yuri the Axe

The first turn we simply advanced towards each other. Widowmakers stayed in the forest, getting ready to fire at anything brave enough to get within 14"

 "For the Motherland!"
"For the.. trees, stones and runes and stuff...oh, and for the wurm. Yeah, for the wurm!"  

The Khador force seemed very eager to get it on. Even the Widowmakers came strolling forward. The Mortar kept firing its rounds and a deviating blast killed two druids.

I Kaya kept her beasts in a tight leash, waiting for the right moment to unleash them. The druids did a great job keeping the rest of the army concealed. The Stalker warped Prowl and Kaya put Occultation on the Feral.
The khadorians made a last attempt to shot away as much Circle models as possible, but only managed to kill a couple of druids.

The Feral Warpwolf warped STR and charged the Destroyer. A few crappy damage rolls made the Destroyer survive the attack. The Satyr killed a couple of Widowmakers and the Stalker charged into the line of Winter Guard, killing quite a few of them, even though they made some tough rolls.

Kaya backed a couple of inches and used Spirit Door to put the Satyr and the Stalker in safe place. Unfortunately she had to leave the Feral in its awkward position.

The Wayfarer used his spray to wipe out the remaining Winter Guard before The Destroyer started swinging at the Warpwolf, who actually survived. After some additional attacks from a couple of Grey Lords, the wolf was still hanging in there to my big surprise, but Sorsha managed to kill it at last. The last druids was killed along with two Shifting Stones and their Keeper.

Kaya sent her two remaining beast forward again to have them continue the killing of the invading Khador force. She used Spirit Door to pu them back in safety and made the enemy come closer.

This is what was left on my left flank. The warjack was severely damaged.
On my right flank the Juggernaut could do nothing but walk up to the last Shifting Stone. The next turn Kaya would unleash her beasts again and kill the remaining khadorians. Sorsha wouldn't have that. She walked up to the Juggernaut and cast Freezing Grip at Kaya. She boosted to hit but missed anyway. In a last desperate attempt she fired her Quad Iron, using her last Focus to boost the attack roll. Kaya had three Fury left and even though she had been experiencing some very lucky shooting from the Widowmakers I felt very comfortable. Sorsha managed to to hit and the damage roll was insane. A lot of damage to transfer, and then I realise the Stalker is loaded with Fury and the Satyr couldn't take enough damage due to previous shooting. Kaya was lost.

A very exciting game and I hope to get a rematch soon. I really need to get more practice with Kaya. (I keep forgetting to cast Soothing Song for an instance.)


  1. Winter guard don't have tough, and you can transfer to beasts that are already too damaged to take it all- it just kills them. That's why legion lessers are so great for transfers.

  2. Any damage in excess of what the beast can take rebounds back to the caster.

  3. Winter Guard got tough from some Kovnik character.

    Nack said it already. The Satyr was in a roughed up state and couldn't soak the damage.