Sunday, 5 June 2011

Retribution of Scyrah/Final Fantasy XIII

This is not totally related to Circle Orboros, but I thought I'd share it anyway. For some time now I've been eager to convert and paint a Myrmidon. There's something about the Retribution that I really like and I've been having crazy thoughts about turning a myrmidon jack into a Final Fantasy XIII-esque monster/robot. (If you want to get a picture of what I'm going for just visit the Final Fantasy wiki and search for monsters like Sacrifice and Taxim.)
I started out by buying the heavy warjack kit (duh!?!) and assembling the main parts of the body. I wanted it to look kind of weird and twisted (like the Taxim monster) so I added pieces of bark on the arms and the left shoulder pad.
 I also added a couple of small details on the armor plate between his legs. Hrm.

 Very rocky and strange looking fists.

 The blades are magnetized so that I (if I ever play Retribution) can use it as either one of the three warjacks.

Ready for painting! 

I'm thinking about adding some other stuff to it as well to make it look like something from the Final Fantasy series even more. I think I'll have a go with the arc nodes, but we'll see...

On to that awesome Thermal Blade! :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The official Baldur T4 Kill count

I'm going to count all the games I play with Baldur's Tier 4 list. I'll update this post after every game and keep the score at the top of the post. I'll also list all the warcasters/warlocks I play against and note whether it was a win, draw or loss. I'm not an expert player and I'm not convinced I've built the ultimate Baldur T4 list. I just want to see how it works for me. I realise I'm sticking my neck out with this entry. Some of the people I play with are going to read this and make an effort beating this list to raise the lost score. That's exactly what I want. The funniest games are the really tough ones and I want to see how the list holds in a competitive environment. So... expect the 'Lost' score to hit the ceiling. :)

Won 6
Lost 0
Draws 0

Trollbloods - Chief Madrak Ironhide (Win)
Trollbloods - Grim Angus (Win)
Protectorate of Menoth - High Exemplar Kreoss (Win)
Minions - Calaban the Gravewalker (Win)
Retribution of Scyrah - Lord Vyros (Win)
Chief Madrak Ironhide (Win)

Music for painting pt II

I still remember the first time I heard Mogwai. It was at a home party where people would bring their own records and take turns DJ'ing. I brought Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Suddenly this guy appears with two ep's and the moment he starts playing I'm speechless. It was obvious that - whatever it was - was going to be among my favourite bands. This was back in '98 and the 'no education=no future" ep had just been released.

I'm not going to waste your time (or mine) by trying to describe or categorize their music. I wouldn't be able to anyway. I'll just say they're amazing. Give them a shot, if you haven't heard them before.

Mogwai - Travel is Dangerous

Mogwai - Stanley Kubrick

Guilt trip!

It's been ages since my last blog entry and I've not painted nearly as much as I'd hope during the past weeks. I have been able to squeeze a few games in between all the stuff that goes on in life. I've tried Baldur's Tier 4 on 35 pts and I have to say I'm quite impressed. So far I've not lost a single game and, to be honest, none of them gave me much trouble. The only things I keep missing at 35 pts are the Druids of Orboros and a Druid Wilder. Counter magic can be essential against spell weaving casters and a Wilder is great for balancing Fury. With clever positioning and planning it's possible to use the Shifting Stones for removing Fury. (They don't have to activate to do it either!)

Ok, time for some serious guilt tripping here. I have loads of miniatures that need color. I have been thinking about prohibiting myself from buying any more miniatures until I'm fully painted. Good idea? Well, if I did, I wouldn't be playing Baldur's Tier 4 now. ;)

This is awful. Kromac has been jumping between the gaming table and the painting table for some time now. And he's still wearing nothing much but his undercoat. At least Cassius has been assembled and undercoated since this pic was taken. 

Green skin? Yes. Wicked women with pointy ears and spears simply has to be available in green. Especially if they come bursting out of a forest on white wolves. 

Well, even if they don't come bursting out of the forest on wolves... 

A full unit of Bloodtrackers - led by the awsome Nuala. Don't worry. She'll be green as well, in a not too distant future. 

 A Blackclad hanging out with a fellow Druid - who is a proud leader of a unit of the infamous Woldshrimps. This unit is actually my second unit of shrimps and it's done now. My Baldur T4 list is fully painted! :)

 The Reeves has got a unit attachment, a Reeve Hunter buddy and some undercoat since this was taken.

My second unit of Druids.

It's obvious I've got some serious work to do. Well, I've made some coffee and I'm ready to get right at it. I'm going to put a finishing touch on my Wold Guardian and then it's Kromac's turn.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

WarmaHordes Tournament in Oslo in June - prelude pt III

Some might believe this will be the first time I bring the Circle to Oslo to play. It isn't.

WarmaHordes Tournament in Oslo - prelude pt II

An additional message to the players in Oslo:

I'm coming to get you! :D

WarmaHordes Tournament in Oslo in June - prelude

There are two tournaments in Norway in June, and I thought I'd go there to check out the norweigan WarmaHordes community. And wreck some havoc with my beloved Circle army. :D Needless to say, it's about time to start the psychological warfare to soften up the norweigans...

The text reads: "Let's see if Norway can do do something well besides skiing."

One of the tournaments is 35 pts and the other one is 15. Both is SR2011, so I'm expecting some great scenario play. I'm pretty sure about what warlocks to play but I haven't finished any lists yet. I'll get back to you on that one.