Sunday, 5 June 2011

Retribution of Scyrah/Final Fantasy XIII

This is not totally related to Circle Orboros, but I thought I'd share it anyway. For some time now I've been eager to convert and paint a Myrmidon. There's something about the Retribution that I really like and I've been having crazy thoughts about turning a myrmidon jack into a Final Fantasy XIII-esque monster/robot. (If you want to get a picture of what I'm going for just visit the Final Fantasy wiki and search for monsters like Sacrifice and Taxim.)
I started out by buying the heavy warjack kit (duh!?!) and assembling the main parts of the body. I wanted it to look kind of weird and twisted (like the Taxim monster) so I added pieces of bark on the arms and the left shoulder pad.
 I also added a couple of small details on the armor plate between his legs. Hrm.

 Very rocky and strange looking fists.

 The blades are magnetized so that I (if I ever play Retribution) can use it as either one of the three warjacks.

Ready for painting! 

I'm thinking about adding some other stuff to it as well to make it look like something from the Final Fantasy series even more. I think I'll have a go with the arc nodes, but we'll see...

On to that awesome Thermal Blade! :)

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