Monday, 11 April 2011


I've been hesitant about painting the latest Circle warlock ever since I saw the first picture of it. I'd say it's probably the nicest miniature in the game, and I wouldn't want to ruin it with my "whatever-looks-good-on-the-tabletop-is-ok"-mentality.

I happen to have a long time best friend who is a professional painter. I could probably have talked him into painting it for me, but then I would have gone from 'fear of painting' to 'fear of playing'. I'd never dream of carrying around a professionally painted miniature like that in my army bag. I wouldn't expose it to the calamities of the gaming table either.

So... I went on and started painting. I was very eager to paint Wurmwood, so I started with it last weekend. It was a pleasure to paint and even though I know my friend would have done it so much better, it feels good to be finished with it. I hope to assemble and basecoat Cassius tonight. Then I'll start building up my courage.

To be continued...

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