Monday, 14 March 2011

Team 08 Fight Club - Tournament 120311

Sorry about not posting in such a long time, but I've been busy studying the last week. I did finish painting Megalith though - there will be a picture up soon.

Last saturday I arranged a small tournament at Dragon's Lair, which is a local game store. This was the deal:

- SR2011
- 25 pts
- 3 lists, each list had to be played at least once
- Scenarios: Revelation, Overrun and The Gauntlet

Half of the participants played Khador, which was kind of weird but it was Cygnar and Cryx who made it to the final game. A very unorthodox eHaley list clashed with Terminus guessed it - hordes of undead.
Cygnar seemed to be able to pick Cryx apart completely with ride by attacks, bouncing lightning, Time Bomb and what not. Terminus, however, is a tough ARM nut to crack and at the end of the day Cryx was victorious. An exciting final game and I must compliment all players for their enthusiasm and contribution to a friendly atmosphere. We also saw a couple of new players who actually played their first tournament after just a few games of practice! They did well and had a surprisingly good knowledge about the game for being so new to it.

Here are some pictures:

Strakhov is ready to get even: -"Did you say something about my"

Epic Stryker talks about whatever motherland he wants to. And he's got the sword to prove it!
A new player enters his first tournament. Fully painted. Well painted. Impressing!

Goreshade is as death metal as ever.

A heavy Khador jack plays peek-a-boo in the greenery. A Kodiak moment.

The Jugguernaut fails to wreck a Stormclad and Stryker is getting ready...

...and here he comes. P+S 31 and a triple 6 charge damage roll proves to be just a little too much to cope with for poor Strakhov. The Swan scores.

Everyone wants to dance with a warjack. -"Easy guys - one at the time!"

Epic Butcher ready for some head choppin'.

Epic/Easy button Denny actually had to face Epic/Easy button Denny. As alway, the easy button wins.

Epic Haley and her horse heavy list in the final game.

Lightning strikes and bounces. Cygnar mows down Terminus' minions while staying out of reach for a payback.

Haley uses Telekinesis and Time Bomb to make things difficult but with a little help from his remaining army he finally gets to make that sword-to-head thing he does so well. A very interesting game to watch. Haley fought kind of like pKrueger and eKrueger at the same time!

I had a great time watching all the games! Now there's an upcoming tournament in two weeks, that I need to make a solid list for...  :)

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  1. Nice report. Any thoughts on your list for the tourney?