Thursday, 17 February 2011

At last...

...I have time to write something about last week's games. As I said, we were supposed to bring two lists at 35 pts. I went for Baldur, who is my favourite warlock and Mohsar, who I haven't really played until very recently. Baldur is very strong and can hold it down against pretty much any faction, even though he has some problems with Legion. I'd say he is a solid choice for tournament play. Mohsar I chose simply for the fact that I need to play him more and he's very fun to play. Anyway, these were my lists:

Druid Wilder
Feral Warpwolf
Warpwolf Stalker
Gnarlhorn Stalker
Druids of Orboros
-Druid Overseer
Shifting Stones
-Stone Keeper

Mohsar's list was the same as Baldur's except for a Pureblood Warpwolf instead of the Stalker.

Game 1
Baldur vs Strakhov (Khador)

From what I remember, this was the Kador list:

War Dog
Assault Kommandos
-Assault Kommando Flame Thrower
Kayazy Assassins
-Kayazy Assassin Underboss
Kovnik Markov
Iron Fang Uhlan
Kovnik Varchev (not sure)
Aiyanna & Holdt

We rolled for setup and I went second. He used his first turn to run things forward. The cavalry positioned themselves right by the obstacle in the middle of the board and Torch and the Assault Kommando was heading for the other side of it. Strakhov and his dog followed Torch and the mercs disappeared into the woods on my left flank. The Kayazy Assassins ran up right next to the Iron Fang unit.

Baldur sent his beasts forward, cast Solid Ground and Rapid Growth in front of the Uhlan. The Druids cast Counter Magic and Summon Vortex. I tried to place my models in a way that would make it easy to put the hurt on anything that came closer the next round.

 -"But what the heck is Kromac doing on the battlefield?", you might ask. Well, we played Destruction and I needed a medium base. Kromac was more than willing to lend a hand.

The Khador army came closer, except for the Uhlan and Kovnik Markov, who backed down to get a charge angle towards both sides of the obstruction.

The Druids advanced, started harassing the Assassins and the cavalry with Force Bolts and actually did some damage. A few Assassins fell dead to the ground and the cavalry was pushed and pulled apart to break their Shield Wall. The Warpwolf Stalker got Bounding from the Wilder and could easily cut down an Iron Fang Uhlan and a couple of Assassins. Baldur placed a new forest between the Stalker and the remaining Uhlan and Assassins.

The next turn the Assault Kommando came close enough to start shooting at my Feral and the Druids. Summon Vortex made it hard to hit anything. The Flame Thrower, however, had no problem hitting with its spray attack. Two Druids was killed and Baldur was slightly injured. Baldur was now on fire.
The Uhlan and Assassins tried to reach my right flank but there was too much forest in the way.


Baldur and the Druids now focused on killing as many Assault Kommando warriors as possible. I wanted to get rid of the Flame Thrower, but I didn't know that another member of the unit could pick up the weapon. Baldur now placed his forest in front of Torch, Strakhov and the remaining Assault Kommandos. To make it even harder for the Khador force, he used his feat.
The Stalker and the Stone Keeper took care of the remaining Assassins and the Uhlan unit. Kovnik Markov, now placed close to Strakhov on the other flank, was too far away though. The Feral and the Satyr stayed close to Baldur for yet another round, waiting for Torch to come closer.

Torch was sent forward in a rush, heading for my left objective. If he got there, he would surely cut it down in a turn.The Assault Kommandos, Strakhov and Aiyanna & Holdt pushed forward but luckily none of them came close enough to do any damage to Baldur.

Torch was pretty deep into a forest, far away from both my Feral and the Satyr and none of them has pathfinder. The Druid Wilder advanced towards the Feral and cast Bounding on it. It warped for SPD and rushed into the woods and had no problem reaching the warjack. Biting and bashing, it seriously damaged the 'jack but failed to total it. The Gnarlhorn charged as well and damaged the 'jack enough to wreck it. Baldur, who had stopped burning by now, kept his forest and saved some Fury for transfers.

Markov went for the Satyr's throat but failed to do any significant damage. Holdt and Strakhov made an attempt to kill Baldur but he soaked up the damage and sent some of it to his beasts.

In the last turn the Gnarlhorn grabbed Markov and threw him at Strakhov, who was knocked down. With Baldur within charge range my opponent forfeited the game.

All in all it was an exciting game. It might not come through in this battle report, but my opponent is actually a very good Khador player. In this game, the terrain and table set up was working against him and I had no problem crippling his game further with Rapid Growth and Baldur's feat. If it wasn't for the obstruction in the centre of the board I'd had a hard time keeping him away. At least it wasn't me who set the table. :)

My intention was to take more pictures and do a detailed write down on each round, but we ended up playing timed rounds, so that was really not an option. Maybe this weekend...

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