Monday, 21 February 2011


Yesterday I played two games against a friend of mine who paints really good-looking Khador 'jacks. He has built a very nice Extremoth, so I was eager to play a few games and take some pictures to show you. Accidentally, I left the camera at work, which means... no pictures. Anyway, I hope to get together with him later this week and go paparazzi on his 'jacks. I assure you - they kick @$$!

So, how did the games go. Well, I wanted to play a list that was very different from what i usually play. I ended up with a list without Druids of Orboros (!?!) led by pKaya (who I rarely play, even though I actually like her.)

In both games I tried to soften up The Butcher before Kaya attempted to whack him. The Butcher survived, wiped the blood from his chin and gave her the axe.

I'll have to do better than that. Well, great games anyway. :) I'll do my best to take pictures and write proper battle reports from now on.


  1. The Butcher is tough. Make sure to have some back up for Kaya next time. :O)

  2. Hard for most Circle casters to kill the Butcher through stabby-stabby in most circumstances I'd wager. I did it a tournament w/ Krueger once but only after Megalith and a WoldGuardian had a meeting of the stone fists on the Butcher's forehead. It still was tough lol. Better luck to you next time, Sir!

  3. In a tournament I'd never have made the attempt. Kaya's wooden stick doesn't really get through to a guy with ARM 18 and some Focus left. In the last game Kaya messed him up pretty bad and he only had two damage boxes left when Kaya struck the last blow. I needed to roll 11 on a boosted damage roll but failed. She almost made it and it was fun trying. :)