Monday, 21 February 2011

Music for painting

Three things are mandatory for me while painting. I must have a big cup of black coffee on the table, I must accidentally dip the brush in the coffee instead of the water every now and then and I must have some good music on.

I listen to lots of different music but while I sit down to put paint on my minis I just love to listen to Damien Jurado. I love listening to his music at all times, but when I'm sitting there trying to focus on the painting, it's really relaxing. His music, for those who're not familiar with Damien Jurado, is incredibly sad, soothing and beautiful. It might not be everyones cup of tea, but give it a try. You might be missing out on one of the greatest singer/songwriter artists around.

Here are some links to prove my point:

Damien Jurado - Kansas City

Damien Jurado - Rachel and Cali

Please leave a comment if you want the world to know what you stomp your feet to while painting. :)

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