Friday, 11 February 2011

My Krueger the Stormwrath conversion

Krueger was the first warlock I fielded back when I got into WarmaHordes. He was a strong warlock back then and I think he can really hold it down in mkII as well. He has a really good spell list and his feat can be devastating against lists that rely on stealth, high DEF (which usually means low ARM) and large units of infantry.

His lightning and storm theme is really cool and I always wanted to do a conversion that made the lightning bit come to life a bit more. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon an old Confrontation miniature that I thought would make a great Krueger. I used Kruegers original spear and some pieces of wire to create lightning. I kind of regret that I finished this in a haste, since I wanted him to be ready in time for a weekend of gaming. Anyway, it looks kind of cool on the gaming table, and that's enough for me!


  1. I think this is really creative and awesome. Show us more of your Circle collection!!

  2. I agree that the conversion is great, you did an excellent job on the sculpting (I assume the wires are coated with greenstuff or something like that?)
    One piece of, in my view, constructive criticism though... I would have gone with a light blue for the lightning. I realise your idea was probably something like: "green lightning, cause he's a druid" - but in my oppinion, the lightning should've gone blue.

    Great job though, be proud! ;)